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Reeling in Success: How to Secure Commercial Fishing Grants for Your Business

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

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The commercial fishing industry is a cornerstone of our economy, providing seafood to consumers around the globe. Much like any other business, fishing thrives on a delicate balance between maintaining existing operations and embracing innovation. It's an industry deeply rooted in tradition, where centuries-old practices meet cutting-edge technologies. Continuous investment is not merely a luxury but a necessity, ensuring the industry's growth, competitiveness, and sustainability. For commercial fishing operators, accessing funds can be a transformative moment. It empowers them to evolve, adapt, and grow while upholding traditions. Grants are instrumental in supporting this journey, enabling businesses to make these essential investments in boat improvements, marketing endeavors, and sustainable harvesting practices. Ultimately, these investments not only bolster the business but also contribute to the industry's resilience in the face of changing environmental conditions and market dynamics. By securing grants and embracing continuous investment, commercial fishing operators position themselves for long-term success and a sustainable future.

In this blog post, we'll explore potential grant funding opportunities that can help support these vital aspects of the commercial fishing industry.

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Grant Funding for Boat Improvements

Maintaining and upgrading fishing vessels is a crucial part of staying competitive in the commercial fishing industry. Whether it's enhancing safety, increasing efficiency, or meeting environmental regulations, securing grant funding can make a significant difference. The good news is that there are federal programs the support improvements to your fishing vessel, like the USDA REAP program.

Marketing Grants for Commercial Fishing Operators

Effective marketing is essential to connect with consumers and ensure a steady demand for your seafood products. Multiple grant opportunities are provided by the federal government that can help you bolster your marketing efforts. Take a look at the NOAA SK grant and the USDA VAP grant, for example.

Sustainable Harvesting and Aquaculture Grants

As the world becomes more conscious of sustainability, there's a growing need for fishing operators to adopt eco-friendly practices. Some grants are designed to assist you in transitioning to more sustainable harvesting and aquaculture techniques, like the USDA NIFA UIE program and funding from the Angell Family Foundation.

For even more commercial fishing grant opportunities, check out our Google document here, which provides an in-depth list of possible funding options specially suited for commercial fishing.

Now that you're aware of these potential funding sources, it's time to consider how to navigate the grant application process. This is where One Small Step Writing Services can be your guiding light. We are fortunate to have worked with many commercial fishing operations in the past and have successfully procured funding to support all the types of projects we list above. Anna – the founder and owner of One Small Step actually began grant writing because of a passion to support fisheries projects and this passion has grown into a cornerstone of our work. We’re excited to use this expertise to support sustainable fisheries management and the needs of your fishing operations.

One Small Step – Grant Services

One Small Step Writing Services specializes in helping businesses secure grant funding. We offer customized services adapted to the requirements of your project and we also provide standardized services.

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Grant Writing

Our services ensure that all application elements are prepared on time and as required. We provide an expert eye to identify any issues or shortcomings in your application prior to submission. We develop compelling written content to respond to grant application questions.

We develop a detailed project budget that meets grant specifications. We help you gather, organize, and format all the extra elements of the grant package (like letters of support, resumes, images, etc.). We ensure you submit your application on time, correctly, and to the grant specifications.

Grant Opportunity Research

We use our professional grant databases to identify hundreds of grants and narrow it down to approximately 20-30 possible options for your project. We further analyze grant opportunities and funding priorities to determine the top 5-10 choices that will give you the most return on grant application investment. We help you build an outreach plan, including who to contact and when, to confirm the fit of your project to the grant.

Funding Strategies

We create a specialized guide for your project that advises what grants to apply for and when. This includes a schedule of when to apply for each application, how to pair grants together for matching fund opportunities, and a calendar to keep your applications on track.

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Grant Writing Packages

One Small Step Writing Services has established various grant writing packages to suit your needs:

Full Service Grant Writing

For those who want a comprehensive service, we do most of the work, creating a persuasive and competitive application package for you. You bring a planned and ready-to-launch project and we do most of the rest.

Project Management, Editing/Evaluation, and Submission Guidance

A popular choice for those on a budget, this package maximizes our knowledge while you do the writing/application preparation. Leverages our expertise in navigating complex federal grants and avoiding common mistakes/pitfalls that can automatically disqualify an application. It takes away the stress of navigating federal grant submission portals/websites and helps ensure all application elements are pulled together and proper documents are submitted.

Budget Preparation/Advising

Complex/Federal grant budgets are one of our areas of expertise. We can prepare a budget as a stand-alone service or as part of a grant package. Budgets can make or break an application and it’s important to follow federal requirements to qualify for a grant — let our experts guide you through the process and help ensure the accuracy/success of your grant budget application.

Now that you're armed with knowledge about grant opportunities and the support of One Small Step Writing Services, you're well-prepared to secure funding for your commercial fishing business. Don't miss out on the chance to reel in success for your commercial fishing venture. Apply for the grants that suit your needs, and let us at One Small Step Writing Services help you make it happen!

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