Anna Nelson is a skilled grant writer and funding researcher, as well as a professional editor and proofreader. Her career includes over twenty years in the engineering, science, and aviation fields. Combined with her background in both education and the outdoor industry, her diverse experience can provide insight into almost any project. She enjoys gardening or doing anything outdoors and is currently training as a Master Gardener/Home Horticulture expert. Anna also volunteers as a gardener and garden blog editor. She has a passion for helping people in the scientific community accomplish their goals and is excited to bring success to your project.

"I know it’s an antiquated concept, but I like to think I was put in this world to be a curator. Whether working with written content or finding the perfect grant opportunities — I love tweaking the details to make a project successful. I’m excited to bring my 'curating' skills to our clients at One Small Step. I'm here to refine the details and clarify you message, so you can impact audiences all over the world."  

— Anna Nelson