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One Small Step is extremely responsive, professional, and insightful. Anna’s background in the sciences can be especially helpful for those seeking funding in the scientific community. She was able to tidy up grant narratives and assist with connecting ideas in ways that are compelling. I learned through Anna's eye that I have a tendency to use "the" in unnecessary places. My writing has improved as a result. I'd recommend One Small Step's services to any individual looking for an editing and/or grant writing professional.

- Stephanie Killingsworth,

K-12 Education and Outreach Coordinator

Thompson Earth Systems Institute

Scientist in Every Florida School

Florida Museum of Natural History

University of Florida

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One Small Step presented a wonderful attitude toward my ideas and they made a real effort to encourage me toward publishing my work! Sometimes my ideas on paper were a bit jumbled or hidden within, and Anna succeeded in bringing them out to a higher standard.   

  -Diane Mastaglio, Children's Book Writer

One Small Step worked with me on written content that addressed local biological fisheries issues. Their input on our letter of support document refined the focus of several key areas, helping to deliver the message concisely. Anna’s mastery of formatting, knowledge of writing conventions, and "fine-tooth" approach combined to produce edits that significantly improved the content I submitted. I would recommend One Small Step’s services to anyone who is interested in improving their documents, and their writing style, as Anna made suggestions that will influence my writing long-term.

-Jesse Nolan,Fisheries Biologist

We teach folks how to write winning grants with an online course. We hired One Small Step to review the entire course experience and give us feedback. WOWZERS! Worth. Every. Penny. Anna caught the tiniest errors and provided non-stop wonderful details. Her touch is subtle, but it's high impact. 10/10 would recommend Anna to a friend!Additionally, no one can tame a federal grant budget faster than Anna! With over 80 in attendance, the training was incredibly well received and a huge help for our audience. A pleasure as always to work with Anna!

-Meredith Noble, Founder of
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I've had a great experience with One Small Step. Anna's work on my stuff is brilliant. I used to think that my articles were pretty polished, but the more she works on them the more I realize I was fooling myself!

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-Andrew Lewis-Smith, Wellness Blogger
Detroit from Across the Pond

I would recommend One Small Step to any of my colleagues who need someone to review scientific papers, personal essays, CVs, and more! Anna was a great help, and she made my writing sound more professional. After her editing, my paper was clearer and easier to understand. Her improvements to my Diversity Statement have turned it into a foot-in-the-door to several interviews. I found the whole editing experience to be efficient and professional, and I will definitely use One Small Step's services again.

-Angela Theiss, Doctor of Medicine, Pathology

One Small Step is fantastic to work with! Anna helped me create funding strategies for several projects. Her work is both efficient and creative, and she has a knack for finding excellent grant opportunities. Her input saved me hours of work. I would recommend her to any organization seeking to expand its funding options.

-Bonnie Walker, Owner and Lead Grant Writer
CampaignBrite, LLC
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One Small Step has made my blog so much better. They continue to improve my writing by reining in my tendencies for run-on sentences and by pinpointing all the ways I say things that make no sense to anyone other than myself! Anna is wonderful and I highly recommend her to anyone trying to produce content or manage a creative project. Her knowledge of gardening is an added bonus that makes our relationship even more beneficial for me.

gardening with gloves and a hat on
-Jennymarie Jemison,
Owner and Writer atJoy Max Jardín

Anna is a consummate grant-writing professional. She was brought in because our original grant writer was unavailable. She worked with our cost estimate and took the time to understand the context of the grant, leverage material as appropriate, and write out a compelling proposal in short order. What I appreciated most about Anna was her willingness to ask thoughtful clarifying questions, and put in the hours necessary, while keeping me updated about how much time she had left and how we can optimize it. She knew the urgency of the time horizon with the submission and assisted with not just writing, but submission as well.

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- Anita Balaraman
Epixego Inc.

Great team to work with; very thorough, honest, and hard working. The team went above and beyond to get our organization awarded. Overall great experience! We would definitely recommend OSS to other organizations. We have worked with other grant writers before and OSS's dedication is unmatched. Their contract fees are also affordable.

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-Danielle LaChusa,
Mesa Grande Indian Housing Authority

One Small Step assisted us with grant identification, down selection, SBIR Grant Funding, and Industry Outreach. Their positive outlook and ability to break things down into manageable steps made our job easy. Thank you for your professionalism and guidance through the process. Keep up the great work!

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-David Yaeger,

Anna was always responsive and on top of the work that needed to get done which helped keep me on track. I never would have gotten my grant to the finish line without her. There isn't anything I would change about my experience working with Anna and One Small Step. OSS is always number one on my list anytime I need to recommend grant writing services!

-Bri Dwyer,
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