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Copy Editing

Why Editing and Proofreading?


You’ve just put your heart and soul into a project — be it a grant proposal to fund your research project, an academic paper or article that gets you to the next step of your career, a science-fiction novel you’ve been dreaming of your whole life, or even a blog post that will get people’s attention and bring traffic to your site — now what?

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Do you publish and hope for the best? What if you missed a typo, misspelled a word, have punctuation errors, or worse — an issue with your research and facts? It could change the meaning of your work and how people interpret your message.

Small errors make a huge difference. Error-free material builds trust and establishes you as an expert, but mistakes do just the opposite. That's where we can assist you. One Small Step will look over your writing and find the small mistakes, without changing your voice or message. We’ll help make your project perfect and allow your message to speak for itself.


Our goal is to perfect your work.


We want the same thing — for your readers to understand exactly what you mean and to be inspired when they read your writing. Why don’t we work together to make your project shine? 


We offer all levels of editing –

     * basic proofreading: a cursory review for spelling, punctuation, and formatting errors

     * copy editing: a deeper look at technical issues like consistency, clarity, and grammar

     * content editing: an in-depth assessment of the manuscript organization, flow, and writing style, as well as fact-checking and researching key topics


At the end of the day, the goal is to preserve your voice and your message but also to present the most polished writing possible. We want your readers to trust you and think of your work as expert material. So, contact us to see how we can fine-tune your project and inspire your readers together. We look forward to hearing from you!

Editing Services


Copy Editing:

Copy editing is a deeper look into technical issues such as:
  * consistency
          * clarity
    * advanced grammar



Proofreading is a surface-level check where common errors are identified and corrected, to include:

     * spelling               * grammar

     * punctuation     * word formatting ​

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Content Editing:

Content editing takes the most in-depth look at your material and writing. It can be broken into two steps (which we can offer as a bundle or individually):


(1) Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing involves a broad review and overall content evaluation of your material.

We consider:

  * organization and structure        * writing style

     * research and fact-checking

(2) Line Editing

Line Editing is an evaluation of content on line by line basis at the sentence and paragraph level.

It evaluates:

  * flow          * tone

     * clarity    * language    

Editing Rates
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One Small Step can do more than just edit your book, we offer also assistance with manuscript formatting, connecting with illustrators, and self-publishing. Check out our blogs on these topics:

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