That's one small step for a man,

one giant leap for mankind.

                     — Neil Armstrong

      July 20th, 1969

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One Small Step Writing Services helps scientists, entrepreneurs, and self-published authors produce polished written content and win grant funding so you can focus on what you do best: change the world. We are skilled grant writers and experts at connecting scientific research projects, nonprofit organizations, and even new business ideas with the funding you need. We also offer editing and proofreading services to ensure you publish credible content in all types of writing, be it a technical article for publication, a new small business plan, or a science-fiction novel. With the experience, knowledge, and willingness to work on any variety of projects, our staff would love to help you achieve your goals!
One Small Step is extremely responsive, professional, and insightful. Anna's background in the sciences can be especially helpful for those seeking funding in the scientific community. She was able to tidy up our grant narratives and assist with connecting ideas in ways that are compelling.
— Stephanie Killingsworth

Thompson Earth Systems Institute

At One Small Step, we know little changes make a big difference. Our staff is here to assist you in taking those small steps to accomplish your lofty dreams. We are skilled at fine-tuning content, so a writer's message is clear and influential. We also excel at linking organizations with funding to support projects that aim to transform the world.
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Inspired by all the scientists and entrepreneurs who have taken one small step after another to accomplish great things, we want to help your small steps add up to a shot at the moon. Contact us for more details about the services we provide.